Matthew Cole

Online Résumé

    My name is Matthew Cole. I am a multi-talented professional who is always seeking new opportunities for growth. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in International Affairs, and am currently in school for my M.S. in Computer Science. Although my undergraduate concentration was in Diplomatic and International Service, I believe my educational background is valuable in the private sector too, especially when one reflects on the need for this kind of expertise in companies that are considering doing any sort of business overseas. There are cultural, economic, diplomatic, and security components that must be carefully managed by any company doing business in the global marketplace. Companies must also be cognizant of new opportunities in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

    I am a hobbyist PC builder who is comfortable working with common desktop components that use a PCI or SATA interface. I am very familiar with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. I have a deep working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, and AngularJS. I also have a working familiarity with Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, and Java. I currently hold an A+ Certification from CompTIA and a Mac Integration certification from Apple. I plan to pursue additional certifications after completing graduate school.

    Although not especially pertinent to my career goals, I also have experience in corporate dentistry revenue cycle operations, and have paralegal training. I believe that having experience in day-to-day office admin work will better prepare me for a management role in companies that have a production environment.

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